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The Good Life London

Hello! Sarah here. Welcome to The Good Life London.

To start, let me say this: I am no vegan. I just want you to know that now. Nor am I a wellness guru. I’m a pretty bad person actually. I don’t do yoga. I eat meat. Drink too much. My carbon footprint must be huge. I take the tube. Throw away food. Don’t own a bike, let alone a spiraliser. Leave lights on. Always forget to bring a bag when I go shopping. Waste water. The lot.

By day, I work at Country Living magazine, which is just lovely. If somewhat ironic given that we’re based in the heart of Soho. Working here – at a magazine that celebrates the rural idyll - while paradoxically living in the smoggiest city on earth, is what inspired me to set up The Good Life London.

Everyday I’m confronted with a slew of gorgeously green images of gorgeously green people frolicking about in fields and churning their own butter and living off the land. The Good Life. I’d like to live like that. But, I live in London. And I love London. I never want to leave this marvellous malodorous metropolis.

What many of us fail to realise, is that, with over 300 parks and open spaces, London is a gloriously green city. We have prodigious parks, we have Boris bikes, we have Soil Association certified gastropubs and hydrogen-fuelled buses. But… there’s always a but isn’t there? Our capital’s air quality has become a ‘health crisis’.  

So, here’s my bananas idea: what if we could live green lives within the city? What if we didn’t have to leave London to live The Good Life? We’d spend less, get emissions down, and become healthier and dare I say happier people too.

I’m not saying it will be easy. And I certainly don’t have all the answers. But this website isn’t a place for judgment: we all occasionally forget to bring bags. This will be an exploration of all the ways we can live greener lives without leaving the city. It’s a celebration of our glorious capital and the weird, wonderful people who make it so great. We’re all in this together, and together we can live The Good Life. Yes, even in London.